To paraphrase another quote by the author, Bob Proctor, there is a moment between when an action occurs and you react. That moment may only be a millisecond, but it is there. And, it is in that space that you decide how you are going to respond. The choice is yours. For me, I have never taken the time to stop and consider my options during that moment. As if on auto-pilot, I would turn to food rather than working through feelings. For a while the sugar highs of the sweets I ate did assuage the emotions, but like any drug, eventually I needed more. Responding logically rather than emotionally has never been my strength. I have felt like the passenger to so many of life events. In attempt to be more in charge and in control of my reactions, I have started to force myself to sit in one space until I am able to verbalize why I feel how I feel and one possible solution. It is difficult, but I will keep trying.