“START” the word in itself evokes a multitude of emotions from excitement to trepidation. Whether it be a race, a new job, a date, or simply the idea of starting a new project is frightening because there is no guarantee on how it will unfold. What has brought me to this point is a culmination of little moments over the years. I now find myself in a place where staying the same is more uncomfortable than facing the uncertainty of change. Being nearly 100 pounds overweight, having knee and feet pain, getting winded from short bursts of exercise, feeling like a frump in my clothes and  uncomfortable in my own skin are not how I want to live my life. When I envision my ideal life, I am full of energy, a lover of life and more readily able to handle life’s ups-and-downs. Truth be told, it was that vision and knowing that I had to go ‘all in’ that ultimately gave me the push to start this blog. And so, like the picture in this blog post, I am a little  weathered by the elements of my choices, but whether I’m ready or not, here I go!